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Rules of behavior in this forum. 
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 Rules of behavior in this forum.
The forum is prohibited:

1) Communication between users in any language other than Russian, except for the citation (permitted on the English version of the forum use of the English language).

2) The political debate. It is not Parliament!

3) Promotion, discussion or mention of drugs.

4) Posting or publishing materials inciting national and religious hatred, racial hatred, degrading either gender, as well as any other information that violates the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation or the moral and ethical standards.

5) Publish messages containing rude, abusive language, insults in any form.

6) Any flood and / or flame that prevents normal communication forum participants.

7) To re-register if the account was previously locked by a moderator.

8) Duplication by creating themes that are identical in the sense of existing, and the establishment by not having a semantic value in its title, throwing positions.

9) Talk or advertising projects which are a direct competitor of the project RWG.

10) Advertising of any goods or services that are not related to the project RWG.

11) Discussion, advertising, promotion online games, especially if they have a financial promotion.

12) The publication of personal information about any person without his or her knowledge and consent, and the publication of private correspondence without the consent of the speaker.

13) Publication of information, the rights to which belong to third parties, except for the citation of materials protected by copyright laws and the Russian Federation.

14) Incitement to a breach of the forums.

15) Discussion of the actions moderators publicly.

• In situations not covered by these rules, the moderator decides, based on common sense and common settings of the Administration. The user has the right to appeal the actions of the moderator of the Administration in order of personal correspondence.

• The administration does not guarantee the completeness and truthfulness of all posts on the forum. All posts represent only the opinions of their authors.

• The forum is moderated beforehand. All newly registered users can post messages only with the approval of the Administration. Spam and warez possible with the new user account.

• Messages moderators are an expression of their personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Administration.


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Эта тема закрыта, Вы не можете редактировать и оставлять сообщения в ней.   [ 1 сообщение ] 

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